Thursday, July 2, 2009

A new month

As July begins, I am hopeful. Hopeful that it is a better month than June was. In the past 30 days I feel like I have been blindsided by life. So I look toward things getting better.

Once again I am trying to figure out how to make all my bills get paid, get myself to work, and get through each day.

On the 7th I go for a pre-op appointment, and on the 15th I have a minor procedure and exploratory surgery done to get to the bottom of the pain I have been having for the past few months that has intensified in the last month or so. I am interested in finding answers, but am not sure I will like the answers, if that makes any sense.

Meanwhile, I am about as lonely as one person can be while living with people who do not connect - except perhaps to demand more of me.

Loose ends continue. Nothing new there.

Thanks for reading. Maybe later I will write and it will make sense.

Tomorrow starts my writing practice again - it was interrupted by the cycle of death that intruded in June.

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