Saturday, July 25, 2009

#24 Blogathon 2009


Thank you for sticking with me and reading me thus far. I know it is tedious to read through my juvenile ramblings. I feel your pain. I edit my own crap.

What have I learned through this process?

1. I am less scared to blog now - to write now. I have kicked the inner critic's ass for the time being.

2. I have learned that touching on the hard subjects makes it better, not worse.

3. I have discovered spilling my guts to be slightly therapeutic.

4. I have discovered I can be a background dancer in my chair as Renee does Karaoke to Blogathon.

5. I am full of exhaustion but general good will for my fellow creatures. For now. Don't expect this to last.

6. I have discovered that I miss writing.

7. I have learned to get past the idea that no one is reading my drivel, and get it out there.

8. I have discovered that the writing practice I have been doing lately will have to go cyber, because I lost the Ed Hardy journal I was doing writing practice in.

9. I have my hands full just dealing with my own issues. I can love you, and offer you support. But I can't fix you and I can't fix me.

10. And that is all okay.

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