Sunday, July 26, 2009

#38 Blogathon 2009

In June my grandmother died. She was 97 years old, and she was fabulous.
When she died people told me that she had lived a long life, and that her death was to be expected. I guess these types of comments were meant to be comforting. They weren't. They just pissed me off.
Most days I still cry when I think about her. There has been very little anyone has been able to do to make me "feel better" about her death. Even now as I type this, I still cry.

I want to do another blog post about faith/religion/spirituality, so I won't go into it at this time.

She had a Catholic funeral (I was raised Catholic.). It was beautiful and she would have loved it.

But what spiritual comfort I have felt since her death I felt while reading the Tibetan book of the Dead. I would like to share part of it here:

Masterfully narrated by Leonard Cohen:

Tibetan Book of the Dead: Great Liberation. 5 parts, about 10 minutes each.
Beautifully produced.

Just click each to watch…

Part a:

Part b:

Part c:

Part d:

Part e:

By the way, the last words my grandmother said to me were, "I know you love me."

I can't write anymore about this.

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