Friday, July 24, 2009

Recuperation is hard!

I've spent the last week or so getting over the surgery scene. Mostly in bed. I have worked and gotten things done. I have been very lucky to have a job where I can work at home sometimes and get things done. Also that I have been doing for so long that I have streamlined most of the processes and can be pretty efficient. I've also been fighting the depression pretty much throughout this past week too. No more than a couple of days ago, about a week after the surgery, when the pain returned and I surmised that the surgery was basically a waste of time, and all that had changed was that I have the additional annoyance of infected abdominal stitches to go along with this pain "of unknown etiology."

However, a friend sent me a nutritional supplement that she swears by. I received it yesterday, and so far I am seeing a bit of a positive change. I will keep you posted and if it makes an appreciable difference I will buy it instead of all the other crap I use to treat the nuisance symptoms of life.

TOMORROW I will be participating in Blogathon 2009, and I invite/welcome/encourage anyone who cares to go to the blogathon site and sponsor me. I will be blogging for the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance.

So far I have only raised $15, and I would like to make as big a difference as possible.

Why the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance? Well, as I have made no secret, I have suffered and lived with depression most if not all of my life. I also have many friends and family members who have lived or are living with depression on a daily basis. Not to get into my thoughts on depression at this time, as I'm sure I will have ample time to post about it tomorrow starting at 9am Eastern (6am Pacific).

The process as I understand it is this: I will post every half hour for 24 hours straight. This is my goal, hoping I don't fall asleep or wax too stupid by the end. Basically that is 48 posts by Sunday morning. My poor readers.