Tuesday, November 1, 2011

NaNoWriMo: Word Count at 11PM of Day 1


Last time I made a whole 600 words before my MacBook crashed.
This year I am sitting on that Inner Critic bitch and not letting her talk. She gets to talk again in December, or when I write all the summaries for work.... which I am planning on knocking drafts out on this weekend.....

Now I am off to read until I get to sleep.
Sleep has been eluding me the past couple of nights. However, tomorrow I have to travel several counties away for a training so definitely need my sleep....

Rereading will be strongly discouraged from now on....

Day Two approaches in less than 4 hours and I have already stumbled upon a rule, I'd better observe: not rereading my words.

Overall I like some of my imagery. However, I am already wondering about where this thing is going.

However, I am choosing not to worry about that. It will go where it goes. It already has started taking on a life of its own, which is the only way I am going meet word count anyway, so I am going to enjoy it and move on.

This does not need to be an exercise in perfection - or even editing.

It is only an exercise in persistence.


Word Count from
12:01AM to 1:20AM 11/1/11: