Saturday, April 25, 2015


Today's gratitude goes out first and foremost to a really awesome person who helped me through the Google product blog to recapture my blog.  I am forever grateful.
And then a second bit of love from Google: my email from Google calendar this morning saying "You have no events scheduled for today."  Ah, bliss.
This weekend shall be spent doing some writing, hopefully some reading, and working on the great unpacking of my house.  I am completely broke, so I am trying to make that work in my favor and stay at the house and get some work done.  Of course, how to get around 11 counties in the next week before payday (driving about 1000-1300 miles) is another quandary I am now in, but no doubt I will come up with a creative solution.  I usually do.
So I am off, ready to enjoy Saturday, a day where at least in theory I will not be forced to put other people's demands at the forefront, leaving nothing for myself but exhaustion and bitterness.  Let's see how this pans out....

Friday, April 24, 2015

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Can you see this?

Apparently my blog URL has been highjacked by some nondescript "art" crap.  So if you can read this, please comment!