Saturday, July 4, 2009

An urge to change...

Right now, this minute, I am feeling the urge to change. I credit/blame it on another very nice 2 hour afternoon nap. Those countries who observe the tradition of an afternoon siesta are *very wise.* The change I am feeling is to express myself in a way other than bitching and whining on my blog or to my long-suffering yet patient friends. I - who cannot draw a straight line - want to paint. I want to start really writing again. I want to make something other than myself. And no, I don't want to produce offspring. I think my body is sensing with the impending surgery that I will no longer have the reproductive capabilities so I want to produce in other, more various, and less needy ways.

I am also wanting to stop making excuses not to put myself out there, to stop not engaging except on the most mandatory levels of life.

A friend told me about blogathon, and I am going to try that this year.
Of course, I want to try my hand at the 24 hour comic thing too.... NOT the official title, to be sure. But after being inspired about the same friend's efforts in previous years, I want to do that as well.

Does this mean the fog of depression is trying to lift? I am not holding my breath. Tim is in a manic phase right now himself, as he has not slept in 40-some hours. Hopefully we are not going to bounce off each other's skulls by the end of the weekend. It's all good.

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