Sunday, July 26, 2009

#48 Blogathon 2009

It's almost over. As in we have one more half.....zzz... hour....zzz... to go.. Actually I am more awake now after a catnap in which I had a really bizarre dream. I was in a bus or airport terminal and there was this guy walking around who kept doing this weird contortionist tricks.

I'm sure that is loaded with meaning. But I'm not touching it now with a 10 foot pole.

Not to load down this last post, but there are some things that I don't feel I said or touched on enough.

Being depressed is real. We aren't just doing it to bring you down.

Being depressed is a self-fulfilling condition. By that I mean that people with depression have a harder time working, finding and keeping employment and managing the sometimes overwhelming tedious and necessary details of daily life. When we can't manage them, we lose jobs, homes, friends, you name it. And this further isolates us and complicates our lives. This disease costs us more than just money.

Would you tell someone with diabetes or arthritis to just snap out of it? Of course not. And depression/bipolar/anxiety is just as much a disease and requires just as much care - and selfcare - as these other diseases do.

Finally, people with depression may feel so overwhelmed that they cannot advocate or speak up for themselves. The way to remedy this is NOT to speak FOR them but to allow more opportunities for them to speak or express themselves other ways. And most of all, to foster an atmosphere that is kind and gentle with us all as we try to survive this thing called life.

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