Saturday, July 25, 2009

#22 Blogathon 2009

Finding Your Voice When You Are Surrounded by Loud Bastards

Writing is all about finding your voice, some damn writing professor told me. To which I replied, "What if your voice is the voice of a bitch on wheels?"

Lesson here - Less can be more.

Seriously, my voice has been silenced several times in my life. When I have failed to advocate for myself and my children. When I have taken it ("it" being whatever crap was foisted upon me) lying down. When I can no longer speak because I can no longer get out of bed. And when I was shamed into silence by not being good enough, smart enough, thin enough, pretty enough, or loud enough to be heard.

First, determine what you have to say. Is it pressing upon your soul to the point you need to be unburdened? Is it something that will enhance the truth or plight of those around you, including you? And what can it change? No matter what the answer, write.

Second, determine your audience. Will your pearls be cast among swine, or swine with deaf ears? Then let it go. Write.

Lastly, how loud do you have to be to be heard over the background noise? If a shout drowns out a whisper, write.

Voice is important to a writer, and it includes consideration of all of the above as well as syntax and context. But when you fear you can't be heard, write anyway.

Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance has tools for creativity here at Facing Us. And you can write and have your voice be heard as you blog for your favorite cause at Blogathon!

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