Monday, July 6, 2009

Hangin out in the hills in a coffee shop!

Today I am spending the better part of my work day in Berea, KY, at Berea Coffee and Tea doing interviews for respite providers in this area for my job as the staff development director at an agency that serves adults with disabilities. This is what I do to pay the bills - or to attempt to pay the bills, as there is not alot of money in Medicaid, and one must wait extra to get the money.

So anyway, there all alot worse ways I can spend a day of work. However I am getting hopped up on caffeine and not getting any of the writing I envisioned doing on the sly when I booked this day. Oh well.

And interview habits are confusing me. I've done this alot in the past, so that does not bother me, but people bringing their boyfriend to an interview??? That is a red flag for me, what do you think, dear reader? Or applying for jobs that require a drivers license when they have none? Oh well. I must be confused.

I used to live in Berea, so this is alot like old homecoming for me. The Berea Coffee and Tea Co. has changed alot since I was here last. A major face lift, looks more like a coffee bar. The caramel latte was nice and frothy without being gassy, and the I am getting ready to sample a sandwich and some kind of lunch fare, so I will have more input in a bit. Or maybe not - they did not have change for my electric bill money, so I am getting a coke only - and now will have more caffeine floating through my body with no solid food to stem it, so it may get ugly in the land of hyperactivity and GERD/ulcers! Oy vey.

Of course, I am showing great restraint by not running out of here, forsaking the interviewees I have lined up, and going shopping at Berea College bookstore or the Robie & Robie bookstore . Yes, I am the picture of restraint. And a workaholic to boot. And a hungry workaholic. Whose last interviewee is late.

I am also kind of bitter because one of my best friends is moving today and I am not there to help her. I am going to head that way to help when I finish here, but I could have been helping all day. And she is the person I think of when I think of writing at a coffee shop all day. It is a habit for which two of my friends have instilled lots of respect in me! (Tip o' the hat to Renee and Kim!)

Oh well, perhaps my last interviewee is forsaking me... I wonder.

Ah, I could be taking pictures of the foothills. I have been inside long enough. Time to pack up my computer, take a look at the book I brought to get me through the day (which I haven't had a chance to even open) and put the finish on this very caffeinated day....

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