Saturday, July 25, 2009

#14 Blogathon 2009

Feel the love. No, really. Feel it everywhere and nowhere, all at once.

This was going to be one of those sanctimonious posts that advises you to love yourself (Notice I'm using the second rather than the first person here.) and be awed by the increase of your lovability.

Problem is, I can't write that.

My ability to be hypocritical fell off long ago. I can't lambast someone else for lack of self-love when I find myself pretty repugnant on a daily basis. Nor can I give tips in this area.

My only advice is to find something you like or something you are good at and do it. Groove on the good feeling that comes from that. And surround yourself with people who think you are groovy. Maybe they can convince you that you are loved, or at the very least give you some of that love when you are feeling less than awesome.

So do I love myself today? Nope. I am pretty happy that I am doing this, pushing myself to stick with a marathon with an attainable goal. When I am finished I will feel somewhat more convinced that I am a decent person who accomplish things.

A caveat here : cognitive behavior therapy has proven that self-dialogue and changing negative thought patterns works. I just ain't good at it.

Go look at some real resources here or here. Donate some money for DSBA to keep those things happening for you and others here.

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