Saturday, July 25, 2009

#6 Blogathon 2009

So anyway, I puttered over here in the butter-knife mobile, my arrival heralded by the growl of at least 5 irritable hamsters under the hood. (The 1998 Dodge Neon horsepower is hamster power!) My ears are still ringing due to the lack of an exhaust system on said chariot, and the vibration of the entire vehicle. ( I did say those hamsters were irritable!)

Now I am sitting outside on the porch and enjoying the summer breeze you can only get in Kentucky. That sticky, almost refreshing rustle of leaves that still feels like summer.

I do love Kentucky. I do not disparage the state of my birth. There are enough people doing that already. I have spent enough time hiking the state and looking at its foothills, waterfalls and other groovy natural scenery. And I have met some awesome and inspiring people here.

And I have the ability to look at the natural world and use its beauty to help me move through the deep, dank holes and valleys.
I have found beauty even in the valleys.

More in 30.

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