Saturday, July 25, 2009

#2 Blogathon 2009

After a shower and reading some earlier encouraging reader comments as well as my soul sister's blog (Click on the link on the side bar of this blog - Renee Rigdon is Genre-Impaired), I am feeling much more optimistic about my ability to do this.

Plans for today:
1. Decide what to write about. (Suggestions are welcomed!)
2. Hang with said soul sister, maybe do some baking.
3. Enjoy myself.
4. Maybe get some reading done (it is Saturday after all, and I am addicted).

My overall theme of life these days is Empowerment. By this I mean being empowered to ask for, demand, and otherwise make happen the changes and needs and wants and desires I have to make a better life.
Did I say I have achieved this? No way. But I am learning.

Right now I feel compelled to make tea. Another addiction I am feeding. Albeit less as I feel better.
And pack my stuff and head to the home of Baking Goddess Blogger where much hilarity and amazing writing will occur.

Stay tuned for an enjoyable and hopefully enlightening ride.

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