Saturday, July 25, 2009

#11 Blogathon 2009

I just realized that all my writing is in my journals. Meaning, the only writing I have on my laptop is writing for work - clinical stuff, boring and it really should not be sucking up room on my personal laptop. My kingdom for a flash drive.

I also just realized that I would like to take a nap. Hey, that's who I am. Don't hate the napper.

It is Saturday, and I am awake, clothed and not in bed. These are a big deal because this is not always the case with depression. Many days it is a struggle to just get out of bed. Anything more than that seems to be insurmountable extra effort. As you can imagine, it makes getting just the "normal" stuff other people take for granted done next to impossible. And when I struggle through it, make it happen, get even a fraction of the "to-do list" accomplished I am left too exhausted to be exultant.

This is daily life with depression. If you know someone who lives with this disease, please keep this mind. Let it soften your heart and slow your criticism. And temper your judgement.


Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance
Blogathon 2009

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