Sunday, July 26, 2009

#46 Blogathon 2009

7:30 am and all is .... well.... it is something. I would be lying if I said I was not ready for this to be over. And my brain is pretty much useless at the moment. But I fear some kind of breakthrough is imminent. as the inner critic is all but napping on the beach in Jamaica, and something decent may yet come from fingertips.

Freewriting is the process by which one writes with a flow and does not stop and edit or criticize the process in any way. Once again the idea is to produce words, sentences, thoughts, where from jewels may be culled. Or not.

I am at once wonderful and crappy at freewriting. I love the idea of it, and totally get the concept. But I am so angry and terse with my own process and words that I have to almost tie the inner critic up and threaten her with a visit from the local mafia.

Whew, that's a pretty image. I have to stop now, before I produce more messes to contemplate in the wee hours of this day with my Very Small and Very Tired Brain.

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