Saturday, July 25, 2009

#1 Blogathon 2009

My entire life I have been interested in making old things new again. Making things that others undervalue into something to be reckoned with. Taking that which is problematic and making it into an asset. This goes for delapidated houses as well as people damaged by life. Despite all the darkness in my soul, there is still some perverse optimism that there is value intrinsic in every living - and nonliving - thing. So without further ado, I am going to place myself on the revalued list.

Welcome to my piece of Blogathon 2009. This is my first year, so please bear with me.
The concept of Blogathon is worthy and valid; we blog every half hour in support of a charity of our choice.

My choice is the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance. Please check them out at

I will be touching on the valuable resource the Alliance is, along with some of their wellness resources for those of us who take up the sword (willingly or reluctantly) to cut through the fog of mood disorders and live.

And of course, stay tuned for my skewed view of life as I know it. Where can you get all this good stuff for free?

Speaking of free, please consider slapping down your credit/debit card and supporting the Alliance in honor of my bizarre blogging efforts. Check out

Thanks for reading. Thanks for caring. See in you in 30!


  1. I like your charity. Very nice.

    Good morning!

  2. Thanks! I am excited about all this! And I hope to get some more donations by the time the day is over.