Sunday, July 26, 2009

#49 Blogathon 2009. The Blog that Ate...Something

Having come to the end of this I am upset that I don't have a monster horror movie poster of some kind to commemorate the end. You know, like one with Godzilla and the Blog Monster fighting it out over Tokyo. Or some bizarre crap like that. But I do present to you the numbers, as I checked them at 9:02AM:

Number of blogs: 146 Total pledges: 41,461.45

I also present you with the photo of me below, which is me with no sleep for the last 27 or so hours. That is scarier than any horror movie poster.

A side note: There is one fly in this room. And it appears to need to buzz past my ears every 15 or 20 seconds or so. Times like these I want to do harm.... are flies considered sentient beings? But I digress.

I am flattered, honored and all good things by the opportunity to do this. I will definitely do it next year, and learn from my mistakes.

With that I leave you with not one BUT TWO of my lovely lists:

Top Five Things I Will Do Differently Concerning Blogathon Next Year:

1. I will start trolling for donations waaaay in advance. I will be very pushy.

2. I will look into doing a team blog so there can be other voices besides mine, to make it more interesting to read.

3. I will go to bed way early the night before Blogathon.

4. I will lay off the caffeine, drink more water, and basically have food I like that is not bad for me in close proximity ,

5. I will have more of a theme concerning my overall posting.

And for the second list.....

Top Five Things I Have Learned by Participating in Blogathon this First Year (for me):

1. I still like words.

2. Catnaps are really not my friend.

3. It is way more fun to blog with friends.

4. You can write if forced to.

5. I need to blog more, blog better, and kick it up a notch - Quantity can improve quality.

Thanks for the opportunity to do this. Please continue to support the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance.
And please, join us next year for Blogathon 2010!


  1. great job lady. You did so well. I look forward to really absorbing your entries tonight.

  2. Thank you so much for doing this. I've learned a lot by reading along and admire you for it. You set a formidable goal and accomplished it...

    Sometimes the depression owns you, sometimes you kick it's butt and accomplish something. Here's to kicking butt!

  3. Great job this year! I enjoyed visiting your blog and will visit you again soon! I always like to hear about the expereiences of others and their disorder(s)
    take care

  4. Great job indeed Terre. I was not able to follow your postings during the blogathon but will go back and view the whole thing. But the great thing is the level of confidence you now seem to have. Keep in mind that everyone has a bad day from time to time but you seem to have mastered to getting back on the horse technique. And, for that you should be very proud!