Saturday, July 25, 2009

#10 Blogathon 2009

Okay, I promise to not subject you to any more of my artwork, at least for the time being.

The ironic part is that my daughter, who is 13 and both awesome and a pain, is a very talented artist. She is a magna goddess. It amazes me that the progeny of my loins possesses this talent, this ability to sketch something valid and important and recognizable.

I still want an easel. For some strange reason, I think that I would enjoy slapping some paint on a canvas, and the resulting product would be somehow recognizable as a work of genius. Maybe a safe bet? Or maybe it would just be stick animals on canvas. Who knows?

And I still have the creative urge to produce something visual. I guess that is why I knit. I knit sporadically and not perfectly, but I can follow a pattern, knit and purl, yarn over and the like.... I should rephrase that; I can follow a pattern if no one is speaking to me.

Part of depression is lack of concentration. This limits productivity as well frustrates the hell out of me.

Oh well, I will end this now. I am losing focusssss........

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