Saturday, July 25, 2009

#28 Blogathon 2009

Home safe and sound. On the way however, a pretty good thunderstorm blew up, and I drove the last half of the trip in the pouring rain. So I am happy to be home.

While driving I brainstormed (no pun intended) on some additional blog topics.

Be forewarned: I am going to do an embarrassing top ten list.

And yes, I am back at home, and back in bed. No matter what, this is my haven. I have been out of my shell enough today, and if I am to go on baring my soul, I gotta do it from my cave/shell where I am hermetically sealed in my own mess.

I am glad to have made it thus far in this blogathon. I owe it to my friends Renee and Matt, who introduced me to Blogathon and fed me tonight. And to you, for reading this. And continuing to read this.

Please support Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance by supporting this blogathon effort.

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