Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Writing Prompt:

Your camera has images on it you haven't taken.
and my brain reels from thoughts never said,
wonderments I haven't wondered,
and my shelves books I haven't read.

Yet I continue to look
to wonder aloud and quiet
to read when i should drop the book
and to prudently avoid the riot.

So my final conundrum plays out,
and I stop, tempted to regret,
I wonder just what I am about
and just who will pay my karmic debt.

Dorothy Parker, a poet I am not,
And epics, I have never written.
While once I had a great thought,
Now by age I am bitten.


  1. 'Clap-Clap'.. did you write this..? I love it..

    ms hen..

  2. Great poem... and I love Dorothy Parker!

  3. I wrote it.... from one of those Daily Prompts from Twitter, writing prompts. I love Dorothy Parker too, and kind of wanted to be her a bit in high school/early college years. But mostly I just entertain myself with bad poetry!