Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sunday's Faith

Yesterday I went to another Al-Anon meeting at my old stomping grounds here in Frankfort. It was a great meeting about living in the moment. A share that was near and dear to my heart came from a newcomer, who stated that she can substitute "time" for the word "alcohol" in Step One. Another brought up the fact that we can use the Serenity Prayer as well for dealing with this time problem or urgency addiction. What can we change? What can we not change? Let's put our time where we can make changes, otherwise we are wasting time worrying about things not within our power to change. Good lessons for me, who has been crazy lately working too much and accomplishing too little.

Yesterday I took the day off. First one in over two months. And I went to my 11am meeting, then to lunch and to run errands with a friend. It was fabulous! We had a great time, and had a great lunch. I had shrimp scampi and fried clams - MY TWO FAVORITE seafood dishes!!!

I then went home to spend some time with the kids. We watched television together and played with plastic monkeys. Tara is now a doctor who can cure the swine flu in plastic monkeys. The world can rest easier now! We all ended up crashing in my bed. Poor St Timothy was truly martyred as his relief staff did not show up last night and he ended up working a 32 hour shift. I go pick him up in a little over an hour from now. He took it like a trooper. Working this job has been extremely good for him, in my opinion. It has allowed him to exhibit wonderful qualities I did not know he had. I mean, this time last year he was going on a 5 day drunk and losing a $20+/hour job. Now he is working 32 hours straight at an $8/hr job, because people are counting on him to do so. He is a wonderful caregiver to these people, and he really cares about them as people. If I could bottle that and sell it, every human service agency in the world would be lining up on our doorstep. His actions towards people here, especially considering these are people that have disabilities and are sometimes challenging to work with, demonstrate the law of attraction and the laws of karma in action: Do small things with great love, just like Mother Teresa said. He definitely is. And I am very touched by this. It is another demonstration of how time is spent in the service of others that I can observe and learn from.

Other than that, we are doing well. St Timothy will be taking tomorrow off at my direction, and I will be working at the office to get the last of the paperwork details straightened out.

I also have been enjoying Hay House Radio this weekend. Check them out at Hay House Radio.

Another fabulously awesome thing I noticed this weekend:
The leaves are starting to change in the most beautiful way here. I am going to be taking some photos this week and showing the world how beautiful my little part of Kentucky is.

Namaste, my loves.


  1. Good for st. timothy. 8.00 is still HONEST GOOD WAGES.

    My 25 year old son refused to work and I made him move in with his dad.. since he did not find a job in computer science. Work is still work even with a college degree.

    he finally got a job a few month ago at 8.50 and not got promoted to pharm tech for 10.00 and will go up to 12.00 soon if he does well.

    12.00 is good enough for him to rent my downstair apt He does not like it at his dads.. and I'm only charging him 600 instead of 1000.00 (and all included).. this was where he lived up to a year ago; and i had to rent it out to pay my mortgage;luckily my mortgage has been reduced and I can charge him less.

    I'm proud he is working even if not using his computer degree for now.

    Work is work.. and he was so addicted to video games it took him 6 years to graduate..

    Life goes on and people do mature.. and all accomplishments are good ones..

    Some days they made him work 10 12 hours and he did it.

  2. p.s. Glad you took off and had fun... and ate things you enjoyed.. we all need those days and times..