Wednesday, October 21, 2009


What is it?
Well a couple of my friends who are way more accomplished than I am in the writing field told me about this phenomenon. It is November, National Novel Writing Month. Basically, by plying one’s trade - i.e., writing - a certain number of words - i.e., 5000 - per day, at the end of a month one will have a body of work resembling a novel. 
I say resembling, because, as I have found lately, my proclivities as of late do not fall in the creative, fiction category. I am more of a non-fiction gal by trade, as I write daily clinical and documented notes about the people whose lives are mine to monitor and serve. And then I blog. Well, when I blog, most of that is all nonfictional navel-gazing as well.
So finally, am I game? Sure. I will take on this NaNoWriMo monster and allow it to ravage and digest me, spitting out nonfictional entrails in its wake.
No, it ain’t gonna be pretty.

Words here: 167
Time Written: 7:15-7:25am

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