Monday, October 26, 2009

Depression Sucks.

No, I am not depressed. I am just sensing several people around me who are fighting this disease, so I want to talk about it today.

Depression is an equal opportunity affliction. It does not choose you because there is something wrong or something extraordinary about you. It can happen even when situations are not impossible. And it is not something we choose.

Yes, some of the greatest minds have fought depression. And some of the most ordinary, normal people in the world have too.

It can make you question who you are, take your will to act in the world away from you, and incapacitate you to such a degree than earning a living or loving your family becomes an impossibility.

Today, I do not feel depression. And today, I am grateful.


  1. hugs to those.

    I used to get depressed.. but I learned recently I think it was from growing up and learning those behaviors and not genetics..

  2. That is a very poignant post Terre. The description seems to highlight how depression can burrow into one's soul. Again, great post!