Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Cut and paste my thoughts from last night....

Notes from an Al-Anon meeting on Boundaries:


Monday night I went to my home meeting and the topic was on boundaries. It was a great meeting, and we all had a couple of “Aha” moments, brought to us by each other. I love this program for exactly this reason.

We all discussed how we are no longer accepting unacceptable behavior. I think I have made the greatest progress in the area of no longer accepting unacceptable behavior *from myself.* This is huge for me. I also am pleased to report that I no longer engage in fruitless battles with St Timothy. I don’t accept the unacceptable from him; I try to turn my head and my efforts to other endeavors. I can only change myself.

From my notes in my journal jotted during the meeting:

*By setting boundaries, I am merely asking to be treated as I was created: with dignity and respect.

*Just because I love myself does not mean I don’t love the people with whom I am setting boundaries.

This means my husband and my children and my family.

This also means the people that I work with as well. Setting boundaries helps everyone act with dignity and respect, and it models good behavior for successful interactions. It is a gift we can give others. Because it means we will all be more respected and treated with more dignity.

Having written this, I feel like it is almost common sense and too elementary for words. Yet in my daily observations and interactions I see that people neglect to observe this common, basic sense every day. 

Here’s hoping that I wake up sooner rather than later. That we all do.

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