Sunday, March 1, 2009

Hyper-extension, love me, love my shoulder!

Well, dear reader(s), I have done it once again. Unable to duck the bullseye I have painted upon my psyche, I am once again an accident-prone graceless soul.

Letting the dog back in this morning as he had completed his morning toilet/jaunt, I stepped out onto my sidewalk and both legs flew out from under me on the ice, and I landed gracefully on my well-padded ass. However, my left arm stayed entwined in the door handle, which the wind had whipped away from my body. Thus a hyperextended shoulder is my reward and my diagnosis, after a visit to the ER and three sets of x-rays.

A most symbolic injury, really. I have often complained about the weight of my life upon my shoulders. In trying to remedy this, I have hyper-extended myself with work and home and any type of work that may pay me to help support my family. (Meanwhile I am too exhausted to even clean my house.) Now I have hyper-extended my shoulder. Ha ha. How cute.

Another issue of stress. Although he vehemently denies it, it appears that St. Timothy of the Broken Tap was in his cups again last night. It's not up to me to inventory his recovery, but damn.

So tomorrow starts another work week. Maybe I will get it together this week.

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