Monday, March 2, 2009

Accent-u-ate the positive...

Today I awoke with a nameless and origin-less sense of doom, anxiety and depression. I knew I needed to get in touch with something outside of myself, and so I did some reading and made it a point to attend a morning meeting I have never attended before. I ended up being half the meeting, as only one other person showed up. We talked informally for a while, then had our meeting. It was AWESOME. She said I said some things and some things were brought up which we both needed to hear. We were each going through mini-crises. And we both left feeling more clarified and more together than when we arrived.

A lesson I am trying to learn is taking care of myself. So after the meeting I went to lunch alone and had a peaceful meal. I then went window shopping in a bookstore and basically took it easy before I came into work. Once I got here, I did not allow others' sense of elevating everything to a crisis/stress get to me. This is a first for me. The old me loves the chaos and will jump right in and play right along.

Tim called and his 401K payout came in and is just enough to pay the rent and the electric bill. It was supposed to be here at the end of the week, so it is about 4 days early!

So overall a positive day, despite my feeling of trying to go back into the darkness.

Read outside the bookstore on their sandwich board/placard:
"In the end, everything is going to be ok. If it's not ok, it's not the end." -unknown

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