Monday, March 16, 2009

Oasis in the midst of insanity

Today I am going to work in Frankfort at my old job and get some things done that have been waiting for me there.

Plan is to attend meeting tonight. Did my readings this morning.

Overall I am exhausted and not sure why - I spent the weekend reading a novel and a mystery (another Charlaine Harris - I only have like 4 more of hers to go and I will have finished all her works) on Sunday, and doing service work on Saturday. So it is was a good weekend overall. No major conflicts with the family. Last night I made chicken korma, rice and greens, and everyone seemed subdued.

I am just wondering what this pain in my stomach is, like something is gnawing at me from the inside, and I am still in a high state of anxiety.

Hoping that retreating to my old job, familiar place, will help, as I actually like my old job. Miss the people there.

Oh well, just for today, I have to get through today.

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