Thursday, March 19, 2009

Did I ever really go to bed?

Fell asleep watching the late show last night - or a brief 4 hours ago - and now I've been up an hour. Between anxiety and (no doubt anxiety-fueled) abdominal issues, sleep is a fleeting presence in my life as of late. It is getting to the point were I actually lust for it. But then it becomes ever more fleeting the more I desire it. Oh well.

Today is another over-scheduled yet set-up-to-accomplish-nothing day at work. These are beginning to get on my nerves; even I can stand only so much inefficiency. But rolling with the punches is my new lift-lesson, I suppose. So here I am, I've shown up for dress rehearsal.

I am beginning to realize that my attachment to things, such as housing and health care has caused me to be even more miserable.

Time to let go. Again.

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