Monday, February 1, 2010

Not a good day....

In the past I have made no secret that I have dealt with severe depression in the past.

It appears that it is back for another round.

If I had known that growing up, growing up, and existing was this hard, I never would have bothered.

The alcoholic continues to drink.

I continue to want to escape it all.

Step Seven may have to wait a few days.


  1. Do you read Dr. Wayne Dyer.. can you get his books in the library? They've helped me get over depression issues.

    Do you go to ACOA.. ? Adult child.. Were you adult child.

    It is harder to live with someone that is drinking makes the other person have to be more responsible. I got happier when I got separated 8 years ago (march 21)and did not have to live with someone that I had no control over his drinking; etc.

    Keep going to meetings.. (hugs)... I'm sorry you are feeling depressed. You are a special warm and caring; intelligent woman.. hugs..

    I'm sorry you significant other has this disease too. It is a disease but it is also is an insidious one since it effect family members too. (hugs to all). Hugs to him too.

  2. Hang in there. Sometimes life really sucks and I know you know this, but, everything changes... eventually. Ride it out. You've got the wisdom and skills from all the work you've done. And if you want to have yourself a major meltdown... just do it safely. Everyone needs a good release now and then.

  3. As a recovering alcoholic,a bi-polar sufferer,and some one that has neumerous helth problems I can relate to the depression.the practicing alcoholic I will pray for even harder as I am praying for you.Ms.Hen sent me over.

  4. came by way of miss hen. maybe step one refresher would help. hang in there girl this too shall pass.

  5. Came by the way of Ms Hen. Living with an active alcoholic is outright hell and whilst I attend Al Anon I do not see it as my "bible". By now my qualifier is sober two years and back in the States. I am back in Germany and attended 3 months intense trauma therapy which I finished last Friday. Maybe you like to read my blog backwards as I do write about the therapy and topics as well as some exercises, mostly about bettering and getting to know oneself. I am off to the States, Tampa, this week, meeting him again and see if we can and want dedicate to ourselves and to each other. All slow and in due time. My depression is not severe as yours however is combined with PTSD. There always will be such and such days. Hopefully I am on my way to live and not exist anymore. Plenty of hugs across the pond. Whenever you need me I will be there. Please excuse my English. Its better face to face. Paula