Wednesday, February 3, 2010

And from the Urban Dictionary....

Supposedly you can type your name in and get a little blurb.

Mine's not little:

Terre 5 up, 1 down
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an earthy beauty that debates eloquently or ghetto,with or without facts, for fun and to force dynamic-diverse perspectives on the subject debated; the reflection of a bright gapped tooth smile on a yellow happy face; a momme who keeps it too real with her children-mistakes included so they are taught humanism; the color of the bright and yellow paint on Honey's wall; Krazy AzzAuntie;a pressence of opposition that provoke
violence in a vengeful manner;an independent person who loves to sing to music stuck on mental replay; a beautiful mind not afraid of existing in the constraints & safety of a snow bubble world of their own; aka Res Nullius; Suo Jure-;Ride or Die lover who never forgives bullshit! Radiant,
Mr. Right had a wonderful evening with his date because she was Terre.
happy defiante yellow vengence thought provoking debate loving earth strong willed bitch radiant radiantice
by Dixi Suo Jure Aug 27, 2008 share this

1 comment:

  1. Very creatively done.. :) :)

    You do have a Beautiful Mind..

    (hugs). Enjoy this day .. dear Terre.

    Betty Ann