Saturday, February 6, 2010

Saturday evening gratitude

This morning I was awakened earlier than usual by work-related things that had to be done, so I did not get a chance to do a morning prayer and meditation, and I felt it all day.
To address this, I am going to take a few minutes now to do so... Better late than never, and it will help me rest better tonight as well as be more positive to my children and husband.

Today I am grateful that I got to attend a meeting.
I am grateful that I LISTENED more and talked less so I could hear the voice of my HP in the sharings of my Al-Anon friends as we discussed STEP TWO.
I am grateful that I just happened to bring my Paths to Recovery book, and that was what the person leading the meeting wanted to use as readings.
I am grateful that I heard some words, "God did for me what I could not do for myself," today for like the 100th time, but I was able to really hear it and think about how it can apply to my depression.
I am grateful I went to an economical lunch of healthy vegetable -based soup and salad (tomato basil soup and shrimp/spinach salad!) with my Al-Anon group after the meeting.
I am grateful that a book I ordered on living a more simple life came in to the bookstore and I got to go pick it up. I am also grateful that my HP has used my losing my home to lead me to live a simpler life.
I am grateful that after the bookstore we went to Whole Foods and I did not buy anything, but I did look around and think how I could make changes in the shopping I do for my family to make things simpler and cheaper while actually raising our quality of life.
I am grateful I got some time away from my daughters today and then when I came home they have not fought with me or been cruel to me, or have I felt like I must yell to defend myself.
I am grateful that my husband worked a full shift today and then came home and made supper and served me in bed! I was very surprised and grateful for this.
I am grateful that I am going to rest this evening and I don't have to go back out again or drive anyone anywhere.
I am also grateful that there is a breakfast meeting down the road tomorrow morning, and I am planning on going.

Thanks for reading. I am grateful to the blogosphere for the wisdom I get from reading. I may not always comment, but I read the blogs I follow faithfully. Because they teach me so much.

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