Monday, May 18, 2009

More on boundaries....

After much contemplation - and THANK YOU to my commenting readers! - I have determined why I am so stuck on this issue. Like many of us, I am operating out of a place of woundedness, where nothing I have or can do can fill this hole inside me. It is chiefly lack of self-love. I am thinking it is because I am not well acquainted with the notion that I am lovable or worthy of love. And so I do not love myself.

I am learning that the love I have for others is merely a shadow without loving myself.
But old habits are hard to break, and old ways of thinking - 40 years' worth of self-derision, to be exact - are hard to reverse.

Having patience with myself is hard when I am lost.

Thanks for caring enough to read my words. It helps me heal and find my way.

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  1. Terre,
    I get frustrated whenever you make comments putting youself down. I've often thought that you don't think very much of yourself. I have alway wished that you would stop it. You are a lot more worthy than you give yourself credit. I hope that now that you have though about this, you will start to get get love to yourself that you deserve.