Thursday, May 28, 2009

Today... One Day at a Time

Today I am going to drive about 400 miles to both work in my official capacity as well as get some personal work accomplished. I will be getting to go to Berea, KY, a great little town where I used to live and still miss. So that is a good thing. On the other hand, I will also be doing work that others should be working on, and have once again been left holding the bag when real work or effort is needed.
I guess these are lessons I will have to learn, but they suck, and this is not a very good time to have to learn them.
So I leave now on my travels and hope I have the physical strength to do this all alone.
And the mental strength to be able to attend the poetry reading to see a writer friend in action, and the concert for which I prepaid for tickets.
This is going to be one hell of a day.

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