Sunday, May 31, 2009

Getting my life back some more...

I spent the last few days cleaning out an old house and going through 40 years' worth of my shit and belongings. I found tons of old journals and some old poetry and writing I have done. Verrrrry interesting. Some of it is not terrible - some of it is pretentious and some of it just left me shaking my head, saying, "Damn, was I ever really that young?"

Oh, and I did some reading this weekend and discovered a new favorite writer, Donna Ison. I will post a link to goodreads here.....
The Miracle Of Myrtle: Saint Gone Wild The Miracle Of Myrtle: Saint Gone Wild by Donna Ison

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Do yourself a favor and enjoy this!

After watching Donna Ison, the author, do a tremendous reading this past week, I was inspired to read her novel.

This had been a harrowing weekend, and I give this author full credit for entertaining me and keeping me going!

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  1. When I even read things I wrote 6 years ago I'm like so taken aback. Some is poignant and others.. wow, was I that gullible at 42.. I've learn so much after being divorce and on my own the last 7 years.