Sunday, September 6, 2009

Taking the labor out of labor day....

This weekend I have worked, up until this morning... And after I picked up St Timothy from his 16 hour shift at 8am, we had breakfast, came home and crashed. He's still sleeping, the kids are playing and leaving us both alone, and it has been a nice day. I've been in bed, napping and reading. Finished two graphic novels and hope to finish a third this afternoon.

At the moment I am all about reading, not so much about writing. It's like I just want to soak some more stuff in rather than develop my own thing.... Went to the library yesterday and checked out nine books and two movies, and so I felt like I was set up for a treat. Last night I watched one of the DVDs, the movie of Louise Hay's "You Can Heal Your Life." It was wonderful, a tingly experience. I really admire her and her work. And it's good information, real cognitive therapy, and makes alot of sense. So now I am employing some of her affirmations, along with my own I have been using for a few weeks now....
I decided I would put a couple of my own on the blog now and again, since they are helping me and I won't have to worry about any copyright infringement - they came out of my own head, after all....

Everything is happening in my life for my best life.

That's okay. I'm okay. It's all okay.

And my favorite:
I trust my body to do what I need and love to do.

I figure that even on the days I am too hurried to post some ruminations on here, I can always put an affirmation or two. AND that will be out there to HELP OTHERS. AND it will HELP ME by allowing me to be positive and put that positivity in play and practice.

Thanks for hearing me, dear readers. Please let me know how I can HELP ME BY HELPING YOU. I love hearing from you. We are so not alone.


  1. I love the enjoying of your reading... I'm reading a lot too lately; and I love how you are learning a lot with the DVD which is motivating.

    I Love the statements you wrote... VERY POSITIVE.. they say when a person acts positive more positive feelings flow in.......and if you act negative more negativity will come your way.

    Sounds like you are having a cozy day.

  2. I just watched that Louise Hay film a few weeks ago and had a similar experience. I like her stuff!