Friday, September 4, 2009

Stepping out

Tonight I made a big step on faith and did something I never do. I signed up to be an affiliate with TriVita, a company whose products have made a big difference in my life in the past two months. If you are interested in how I have reduced the pain from my fibromyalgia, reduced the number of migraines I have, and gotten more energy to try to be super-woman (like all women I know are expected to be), let me know via the comments section here, and I will see about sending you a free gift of health.

Now, I am stepping off my soapbox. I am very hesitant to talk about TriVita here, as this has been where I have exorcised many demons and dealt with both Al-anon and depression issues. But Nopalea has helped me so much, and made me feel like a survivor with joy. So please pardon my enthusiasm!

Life is pretty good. I am enjoying work, and it is really hectic right now. I am working on renovating the residential homes my company runs. I am also trying to organize my clients for a NAMI (National Alliance for Mental Illness, check them out at ) benefit walk. And of course, there are mountains of paperwork; I feel sorry for all the trees that have given their lives for my career.

Tara is growing by leaps and bounds. Every day she says something so wise or clever or unique; it is an experience watching her grow into a person and getting to know her. Last week she told me about a dream she had. She was a bee and she was flying around. She hit her head on a star and broke the star. I don't remember any dreams as cool as that. I always was jealous of people who have dreams of flying. It makes me think they are able to transcend something I am not. Whether that is true or not... maybe it's like lots of things I have envied in my life: once I get a taste of it, I realize I am not missing that much after all. Still, to be able to fly....

Chloe is doing so well in school. She has matured quite a bit, and she is on grade level - or above grade level, as in reading!!! like her mama - in every subject now. She looks forward to school every day, and comes home and appears happy. It does my heart good.

Tim is working and liking his job as a caregiver. His clients really like him, and he seems more involved with life in general. He looks forward to going to work, and does a great job with his people. I found a new Ken Goddard book for him this week at the library's used bookstore, so that was a score. He loves Ken Goddard, but most of Ken's books are out of print.

So all in all, things are better. We are still not financially where we need to be, or even okay in that department - but maybe the TriVita will help that area too. I don't want to become rich, I just want to be able to pay our bills and make sure the girls have what they need. We are making it, one day at a time. Thanks for reading.


  1. Terre,
    It does my heart good as well to read that things are going your way these days.

  2. Good to hear all the Good Work you are doing.. wow, amazing, and make sure you have time for YOU too.... (but what good work you are doing).. (hugs)