Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Another day, Another step in the journey

Today I got the opportunity to practice another part of my journey - being positive in my relationships with others. This morning St Timothy got up and was angry at the world, me especially, because he had to get up and go to work. He stood in the kitchen and yelled for no apparent reason as he was grinding his coffee beans for coffee before we left. So I stood in the kitchen behind him, and thought, I love him and I am glad he has coffee beans to grind - his coffee will be awesome. Then I started talking to him about some cappuccino I bought and he totally redirected himself and started being pleasant. Later he said he wants to get started tomorrow at 8am for work. So it works!!!

Today's affirmation is along those lines:

I love myself unconditionally. I can do this for myself.

This refers to the fact we can be our own sources for happiness. No one else should have to fulfill this role for us. In fact, we should defend our right to be our own source of happiness. It's when we look outside ourselves for this that we are building our foundations on uncertainty.

This afternoon I am work in the office, after spending the morning running around doing errands and getting paint for the big residential project at work. It will continue to go well, and be more fabulous than anyone can guess!

I also am getting my things aligned at work. I brought in some things from my home office and that is helping me feel more at home. I look forward to getting my to-do list completed and enjoying some new business here.

Feel Good. And better.


  1. I love all this Positive Energy exuding from YOU... Wow.. it refreshes me too.

    I was waiting on a bank line and people were grumpy.. and I thought I belong here waiting with all these people.. I'm right where I belong.. lol. I catch myself smiling at these thoughts.. lol.. hey, if it makes me HAPPY.. I'm staying with these thoughts..

  2. Well said! And I hope St. Timothy has a better start tomorrow :)