Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Gratitude for Wednesday

Today I am grateful for the following:

1. That my children are healthy and happy and both with me. I am able to spend lots of time with my 4 year old daughter for a mother who works 7 days a week. I am able to take her with me alot when I work, and I don't have to have daycare.
2. That I have a job. My job is hectic and sometimes tedious, but what I do makes a difference in people's lives, and I am in the position to advocate for people who cannot speak for themselves, and I help others advocate for themselves.
3. That my dog is here when I get home, to give me unconditional love.
4. That we have food to eat and the Internet to communicate on.
5. That I have a few good friends who genuinely care about me.
6. That I am learning to look at the positive parts of my life.
7. That I am open to learning new things even though I will be the BIG 4-0 next month.
8. That I still have a sense of humor about turning the big 4-0...
9. That I have a stack of great books to read by my bed!
10. That Tim is cooking dinner tonight.

Thanks for reading. I invite you to add more blessings - yours or mine, they become ours! - in the comments.

1 comment:

  1. Very very very very very very nice.. You put a big smile on my face.. and btw I'm drinking tea.. and it does feel cozy. (per your last post..)