Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Reading and thinking about writing...

Today I continue to mull over the idea:
What you think about, you bring about.

This is the acronym for a group I have recently joined and it is no less true than when the Buddha uttered it centuries ago.

And what I am thinking about is my identity as a writer.

I have often used this forum to bemoan the fact that I am not recently published, or that I am not working on the next Great American Novel. But what I have failed to acknowledge in my whining rants is the fact that I WRITE DAILY. Writing is a very integral part of my work, and it is something that I do well, and am acknowledged for in my field. I am asked to write by people at work for work related things, and I do it well. For example, tonight I sat down and in a manner of less than 15 minutes I wrote a scheduled curriculum for an adult day training program for developmentally disabled adults. And I have been asked to develop a program manual for another program. This is something I see a definite need for, and it is a cause/issue which is near and dear to my heart.

So today's affirmation is:

I feel gratitude for the wisdom that guides my life in the best and truest ways!

More to come later. I have some writing to do.

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  1. You are a Writer.. and you are doing it each day .. and even in your line of work.. so YOU are a GREAT WRITER.. :) ( hugs )