Thursday, September 17, 2009

Another fun day at work

I went to work today and was pleasantly surprised when I got a new computer! It is not a Mac - but then, I already use a MacBook at home and LOOOVE it - but it has a wide flat screen, and some good audio.... I really like it and can't wait until I am able to take an ethernet cable in there and hook up the Internet.

Also had a great lunch at Frankfort's best Mexican restaurant, which I discovered last week when my friend met me there. Great queso, which always makes me happy. And the simplest meal there is just fabulous. I wish I could remember the name.....

Too tired to write any more than this.... promise to do better tomorrow.


  1. I want a MacBook Pro so badly I dream about it. BUT, I have too much student debt to justify dumping my old desktop at this point. Maybe in a few years -or quite a few :(

  2. Good for you on the computer.. Mexico food is the best.. (well sushi is too and Italian.. etc). I love food.