Monday, February 23, 2009

When will spring come?

Here in Kentucky there is snow on the ground - albeit just a little - and it is *cold,* Below freezing. I realize it is February and all, but this has been a long winter already and I am ready for spring. Not in the least because it appears my central heat has died. As in the compressor ran all night, and it's still only 55 degrees F in my house. And there will be no money to fix that until.... well, I don't see any money coming in that amount in the foreseeable future at all.

Of course, it is almost noon. I have been awake six hours, reading and ruminating. Drank 3 cups of tea. And basically waiting until Tim wakes up so I can coerce him into going to a notary to notarize the forms to draw out his last 401K from the last job he lost. And then coerce him into completing a job application. He found out a week ago that a place is hiring where he knows someone and may be able to get on, and he has pleaded headache or exhaustion every day for a week to get out of putting that application in.

An Al-Anon principle I am obviously going to not embrace today is *detachment.* But since we got a new electric bill for over $500, I am having yet more anxiety over the money. I have one more paycheck coming in. And then it is famine until the end of March. I am not sure that this is clear to my household.

So anyway, I am going to try to be positive, proactive and put on a damned sweater. The rest has to take care of itself.

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