Friday, March 26, 2010

Looking elsewhere...

I am so glad that it is Friday that I could burst. This week seemed to last forever, and I had several meeting commitments at work. I still managed my Monday and Wednesday Al-Anon meetings, and plan on going tonight and tomorrow as well. I am also glad this month is coming to a close next week. March has taken a lot out of me.

Last week I applied for another job online, and yesterday I got a call for an interview. This job is a COMPLETE departure from what I do now, and has nothing to do with any of the education I have either. It is at a place that I love to frequent when I can afford it, and it is a very upscale coffee shop. I would just be making coffee and waiting on customers. Issue is, it pays more than the three-in-one job I have right now, that I end up working minimum of 60 hours a week.... Also this is a job where if I work over 40 hours, I will actually be paid overtime. I have grown to realize that in my current field, I have basically done the work of the two or three people, often making great positive changes for the agencies I've worked for, to the point of helping run these agencies. Yet when the subject of getting paid a commensurate wage comes up (and it is always raised by me), they offer me a new job title or some shit, and never any more money. It is ridiculous. So I am a bit over this, and getting too old and sick to live without health insurance, or work hundreds of hours, solving every crisis, on call 24/7, without getting paid for it. So am I willing to do a job that has nothing to do with my life for the last 25 years of job experience at the age of 40? YES.

Who knows? Living may be interesting.


  1. -woot-... a new word of a few year ago. To mean Congratulations / Excitement.

    I hope you get this job.. and even if you do not.. good for you for now venturing out and looking for new work that pays more and pays overtime....

    I'm looking for new work too. Luckily I'm on my ex-husband's medical plan.. but I'm working more and more for less money in my field too.

    It is good to venture out.. and good of you.. I am going to keep my fingers crossed (and toes) you get this job.. or that you keep the motivation up to keep on looking... :) :) :)

    And good to do something new.. :) :) :) :) :)...and I think you'll get tips too.. and that is another incentive..

  2. Good for you! I was so glad to have read this. I am glad you are taking this action. It is appearant that KIC is taking advange of you. I too hope you get this job. If they will pay you more and you will be getting health insurance, that is more important thatn your education. You need to think of your family's needs.
    The change of of type of work might just be good for you by giving you a break from all of the "crap" you have had to deal with 24/7.
    I am very happy for you. I hope you get the job.

  3. Terre,
    I do believe in readiness... and you have now reached the point, new job or not, of being ready to venture out beyond just existing. You make me proud to know you!