Monday, January 4, 2010

2010 - A new year

To say that I am sorry to see the end of another year would be a total lie. This past year kicked my butt and took my name. Well, in a manner of speaking.

Good things did happen. I took part in blogathon, got real about my recovery, and grew up a WHOLE lot. The growing up part sucked, but as I turned 40, it was bound to happen sometime.

This morning I dropped off my 14 year old at her new school. Where she knows no one. And felt like absolute shit for uprooting her from her school and her life at her old school, in our old neighborhood. I promised her I would try to do better for her, and she actually said, "There's nothing wrong with where we live now."

My jaw dropped.

I am in awe of her.

How did this little SURVIVOR spring from my loins?

Much like my HP (Higher Power NOT hewlett-packard), my children seem to take the mistakes I make and flourish in them like so much manure. They are the living example that HP can take any action of mine and use it for the good. Inspiring, and surprising.

So with this new year of blog, I am going to work on some stuff. NO, I'm not making any resolutions. However, I am going to use this forum to work through the process of recovery. And I am going to be more objective, instead of wallowing in my stress.

Maybe I can be a survivor too.


  1. You are not just going to be a Survivor.. You are going to Happily Thrive.. and grow.. :)


  2. Good for you! Your writing about these issues continues to inspire me. I really need to do some step work... I've almost finished step two but can't seem to wrap it up. I'm lazy about my steps.