Friday, January 29, 2010

Happiness 101 Award!!!!

Thank you BettyAnn, AKA Ms Hen, for the award!!! You are an inspiration to lots of us out here in Blogland!

In keeping with the tradition, I am giving this award to Syd of I'm Just F.I.N.E. - Recovery in Al-Anon, Kelly of Just Kelly Here, and Little M of "Came to Believe."

The 10 Things that Make Me Happy

10. Sleeping late when my bedroom is not too hot, not too cold and nice and dark
9. Reallllllly good Indian food
8. A hot bath in total silence
7. A great book
6. Getting published
5. My 4 year old daughter's hugs and kisses on my forehead when I have a migraine
4. My 14 year old daughter's drawings
3. A really good massage
2. Al-Anon meetings
1. Meditation and the peace it brings

Hmmm, what a nice opportunity to think about what makes me happy. Betty Ann already took sushi, so I wanted to branch out. If I only did one of these things a day I could add even more gratitude to my world.....

Stay tuned for Step Six!


  1. Hey cool! Thanks :) And I like your list... we have a few happy things in common!

  2. You are always an Inspiration to me. You have such a spirit about you.

    Betty Ann