Thursday, January 7, 2010

Snow Day

My dog sits at my feet watching snow fall. I sit here pondering the third day of my migraine, and a toothache from a lost filling that is also throbbing. Short of taking pliers and pulling the tooth myself (an alternative that grows more attractive with each bit of pulsating agony), a nap would be blissful.

Yes, I should be at work. But here in the midsouth we are having a snowfall of between 2 and 5 inches, and that should be sufficient to give everyone a day off. Schools are closed. And I am lucky enough to work for a small company that realizes I work nights and weekends as well as regular office hours, so they are pretty understanding that the migraine that I worked through yesterday is now owning me with the toothache from Hell as well.

I am also smothering an impulse to throw away all the solid food in my house, as basically anything with a nut or other chewy texture is enough to put me into paralysis of toothache agony. Soup is getting dull, folks.

So, here's my question to the populace: Where and how is the cheapest way to get a tooth pulled? The closest dental school has a 6 month waiting list. I have no dental insurance or any medical insurance either. Any and all ideas appreciated!


  1. Hugs. I wished I had an answer. In al-anon we are taught self-care. Are you doing too much?-and it is taking a physical toil?

    I have stories when I did too much.. felt it was all on me... I've changed.

    This hurts my heart that you are in this bind. I'm still on my ex-husbands plan when I fell and lost a few teeth and had to get a root pulled.

    Your job does not help with this??? No insurance? My daughter when she lost coverage when she got older just walked into a hospital emergency room and they worked out a discount plan. Do you think if you go to an emergency room they'll get you help and work the payments out?