Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Today I resolve not to scream. Not to slap the crap out of the next person who assumes my time is their own to schedule without consulting me. To give the benefit of the doubt when St Timothy of Self-Indulgent Slack tells me at 2:15 in the afternoon that he is tired and taking a nap, despite the fact that he has done nothing for 5 days, and went to bed after I did, and was still asleep when I left for work this morning. Not to spit out my tea because I have misestimated the cube to loose sugar ratio. Not to hack all my hair off with scissors or shave me head because my hair is hanging in my face and annoying me.

Whew, I feel better.

Oh, and not to laugh at my counselor when she tells me I really should get out every day, no matter how bad I feel.

A very wise person gave me some wisdom about looking at all of this as an opportunity for growth. That makes more sense and helps me put things into perspective. I also agree with her - I wish I did not have so many of these opportunities. I think I keep getting them though, because I still haven't learned whatever it is I am supposed to learn. Very rough. I wish I wasn't so dense.

Maybe I am too old to learn new tricks?

Or maybe not.

1 comment:

  1. Nope.. you are not too old.

    Yep.. we kept getting the same 'crap' until we get it right.. LOL.