Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A nice girl and a nice cup of tea

Hmmm, I am analyzing my title. Think I will leave it unchanged, as I aspire to both.
That is, I want TO BE a nice girl, and I want a nice cup of tea.
Couldn't sustain the fiction, could I? Well, at least you know I don't lie about tea.

This morning I am feeling more optimistic ....as I wrote this last, a rolling wave of thunder jarred the atmosphere around my house. Maybe optimism is something I am not supposed to talk about.

Pity. I want to be more optimistic.

It would be a nice change from the dark, depressed, emo-birthing old bag I am at the moment.

Speaking of emo, yesterday I took my own emo-queen, the 13 year old birthed of my loins, to the middle school for a math placement test. She attired herself in cut-off shorts defaced in Sharpie-bold lettering, and a hoodie, despite the day's temperature of over 80 degrees (F). She slunk in, little wisps and pools of emo following her into the behemoth of a school like so much toxic vapor. And she ensconced herself in a chair of the counselor's office and gave me the evil eye, boring it into the back of my head like an arsenic-laced auger. Then she slithered off to ignore the math test, no doubt, with as much angst as she could muster.

Have I mentioned I *love* being the parent of a "teenager"?

The other offspring is sprawled across my bed like a net of sticky toddlerhood, just waiting to catch someone in her web of play-with-me-NOW.

Gasp, my children are just like me....what a shame.

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