Sunday, August 30, 2009

Reading and writing... not so much on the arithmetic.

This weekend I read that book that everyone is raving about, The Shack. I gave it 3 stars (out of 5) on my goodreads review. Not because it was terrible. And not because it was pushing Christianity. I actually like the ideas that it set forth, and have to admit, if my mind was that broad when I was a Christian, I would have stayed one. Back in the day I did feel especially connected to BVM, and I still honor that commitment in many ways. One thing that I really liked about The Shack was that at one point in the book the protagonist actually envisions god as a black woman. Now, that is an image I can honor. And the qualities that She showed, loving and nurturing, are ones that many people in this world need from their god. I'm not going to make this about my own beliefs or tenets; I've written about that in an earlier blog.

I also started reading Nicole Krauss' The History of Love this weekend. Although only a couple of chapters in, I am really enjoying it. I was sucked in by the second or third page. I love it when that happens.

Also have been really throwing myself into work. I am neglecting writing, and my friendships again. And I am feeling alot of quilt over that.

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  1. I did not read it yet. 3 out of 5.. is it worth reading?

    It is so hard to balance it all as a woman. I can understand. Today I did balance it but whew not sure I can each day. I had some work; socializing; rereading and fixing chapter 2 of a book; my older son came to visit; i went to a bbq for 4 hours; and now almost midnight and checking blogs. :)

    I did it today but not sure I can do each day - because at least i did not have any cooking or cleaning to do at home today.

    ((Hugs)) thanks also for the nice comment on my blog.It touched me. (hugs)