Tuesday, September 30, 2008

There is more where that came from....

Well, the country waits to see how badly we and future generations are going to be screwed by this economic bailout.  I have been suspecting some sort of goof-up for the past 8 years, so I am not surprised.  Depressed, dismayed and otherwise displeased; however, this is how I have felt basically about the entire Bush presidency.  

So it should strike no one as a surprise that I am writing less, feeling less motivated and basically want to cry or scream on at least an hourly basis.  

I have done some knitting.  And I have been reading an Evanovich book every day or so just to live in someone else's world for a moment, as ours is so ghastly.  

Oh well, look to this blog to get cheerier once I get back into grad school for Library Science, anything not pertaining to disabilities, and/or November 1st, when St Timmy's health insurance kicks in and I get back on DRUGS.  

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