Wednesday, September 3, 2008

September means autumn is coming... at some point.... right???

Ohhhhh.  (Read this as a big sigh.)
I am so attuned to autumn.  It takes forever to get to central Kentucky, and then as soon as it arrives, it is gone.  
So I wait, breathlessly.  And try not to blink. 

Today finds me in Appalachia - or at least in eastern Kentucky.  I am planning a drive back through the foothills of the mountain chain to go pick up the girls and go home to flat-land suburbia.  

And no, I still have not cleaned out the house in BFE.  My window for doing so is as narrow as the town's residents' minds.....

So as my brain threatens to explode from the stress of too much to do, and no funds to get the jobs done, I determine now that blogging for the day may not have been such a good idea.  
Sorry, folks.  I will try this in a few days, maybe next week.....

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